Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Trypanosoma Cruzi Persister Biology

Job Details
Closing Date: 2020-07-09
Institution: University of Dundee
Job Start Date: 2020-11-02
Term: 3 years
Keyword Names: Academic/Research, Postdoctoral, Infectious Disease
Salary: £32,817 - £40,322
Line 1: University of Dundee
City: Dundee
Country: United Kingdom

Job Description

Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Trypanosoma Cruzi Persister Biology

University of Dundee, UK

We are seeking an experienced parasitologist to join the Translational Parasitology group ( in the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) to study Trypanosoma cruzi persister parasites. The group works closely with the kinetoplastid drug discovery programme in the University of Dundee Drug Discovery Unit and our main interests are the development of fit-for-purpose parasite screening assays, high-throughput and high-content screening, and increasing the understanding of parasite biology directly relevant to drug discovery. Several groups, including ours, have generated evidence for the existence of persister or dormant T. cruzi parasites and their role in disease relapse after treatment, however very little is known about these forms and population heterogeneity in T. cruzi.


The aim of this three-year MRC-funded post is to gain insights into the molecular determinants of persister parasites using advanced technologies such as single-cell RNA-sequencing, tissue imaging and high-content imaging small-molecule screening. The successful applicant will work at the interface of basic science and drug discovery and the post is ideally suited for an academic scientist with a parasitology background and an interest in drug discovery. The project will focus both on increasing our understanding of persisters and on exploring new drug discovery paradigms to tackle persisters. As such, the post holder will be expected to generate key data to enable the development of new medicines for Chagas disease. The appointee will have the opportunity to engage extensively with the drug discovery process for kinetoplastid and other infectious diseases, and thus gain invaluable experience for their future career in academia or industry.

Candidate requirements:

Essential Attributes:

  • PhD in parasitology or closely related field
  • Experience culturing and isolating intracellular pathogens from host cells
  • General understanding of molecular biology and sequencing technologies
  • Ability to work in a team, but also be self-motivated, pro-active and able to plan and work independently

Desired Attributes:

  • Experience with fluorescence microscopy, including with animal tissues (tissue clearing, staining and imaging)
  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting experience
  • Experience culturing kinetoplastid parasites, including intracellular amastigotes
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture
  • Experience working with RNA

For informal enquiries please contact Manu De Rycker (