Senior Medical Technologist

Job Details
Institution: University of Miami
Keyword Names: Technologist, Clinical/Diagnostic
Line 1: University of Miami
City: Miami
Country: United States

Job Description

Senior Medical Technologist

University of Miami, Miami, USA

  • Follows all safety precautions and regulatory rules to safeguard patient confidentiality
  • Verifies identification of specimen with physicians’ orders, prepares specimens for testing, and handles all specimens in a safe and careful manner
  • Performs instrument maintenance, calibration and verification; as applicable
  • Performs and verifies quality-control testing, according to procedure, and maintains appropriate data recording

Perform High Complexity Tests adhering to approved Standard Operating Procedures as follows:

Molecular Area:

  • Infectious Disease Testing by PCR using Ingenious / Elitech, Roche / Cobas Ampliprep and Real Time PCR instruments (7500)
  • HLA typing by Sequence Specific Primer Technique (QuantStudio) and Sequence Specific OligoProbe (Luminex)
  • High Resolution HLA Typing, APOL1 and Gene Rearrangement Assays by Next Generation Sequencing.  

Immunology Area:

  • Red Blood Cell Typing
  • Flow Cytometry Technique for Immunophenotyping and Cell Activation Panels.
  • Lymphocyte Crossmatch & Endothelial Crossmatch by Flow Cytometry and Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity Assay
  • Solid Phase platform for HLA Antibody Detection and Identification (Luminex)
  • Luminex Panel for Human Cytokine Level Quantification

Core & Serology Area:

  • Mass Spectrophotometry for quantification of Immunosuppressant Drug Levels in blood
  • Manual & Automated ELISA based assays for Infectious Disease Antibody & Antigen detection and / or quantification
  • Other Hematology & Microbiology Procedures

Uses Specific Test

  • Analysis Software for raw data analysis and assign the results accordingly
  • Analyzes results of testing and interprets results
  • Uses professional judgement to accept, repeat the procedure, perform reflex test(s), or reject unacceptable results
  • When results are not within laboratory’s acceptable criteria; identify problem(s) that might adversely affect test performance and determine cause of errors
  • Researches and prepares all pertinent patient data and refers all data and testing results to pathologists for evaluation and sign-out
  • Reports all results in the current Laboratory System and in UNET, if applicable
  • Place orders and maintains inventory of disposable supplies and reagents, as applicable.
  • Meets Turn Around Time (TAT) for all tests assigned
  • Reports Critical Value to the requestor following current IHL Policy, if applicable Performs OnCall Duties in the assigned area / rotation, responding promptly to any Call-Back situation
  • Participates in Proficiency Testing, Instrument Correlation, Method Comparison, and / or Validation Studies, as assigned
  • Meets deadline for these other projects / assignments
  • Assumes lead duties and acts as a resource to staff. Orients and trains employees on laboratory techniques and operations, as assigned
  • Obtain 12 Continuing Education Credits in the Histocompatibility Area per year, in addition to those credits required by the State of Florida
  • Adheres to University and unit-level policies and procedures and safeguards University assets.



  • Bachelor’s / Associate’s Degree in relevant field.

Certification and Licensing:

  • Florida Medical Technologist License is required.
  • Certified Histocompatibility Technologist / Specialist desired


  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes:

  • Eager to study and learn about Histocompatibility Field.
  • Skill in completing assignments accurately, follow instructions and attention to details.
  • Ability organize and prioritize work assignments under pressure while meeting deadlines.
  • Ability to process and handle confidential information with discretion.
  • Ability to work evenings, nights, and weekends as necessary.
  • Ability to work flexible and changing hours during On-Call period and with short notice (notification of work is received one hour in advance)
  • Commitment to the University’s core values.
  • Ability to work independently and/or in a collaborative environment.