Research Program Coordinator II - Pediatric Rheumatology

Job Details
Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Keyword Names: Academic/Research
Line 1: Medical College of Wisconsin
City: Milwaukee
Country: United States

Job Description

Research Program Coordinator II - Pediatric Rheumatology

Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA


The gnotobiotic (germ-free) mouse facility is a major research initiative at MCW . The facility is essential for microbiome investigations involving mono-association studies and other work that begins with germ-free animals.   The Research Program Coordinator of the gnotobiotic facility will work closely with the Program Director to coordinate the daily administrative activities of the program and provide support to investigative teams that wish to use the facility.

Primary Functions

  1. Organize and maintain the gnotobiotic (germ free) mouse facility with the BRC. This includes managing all animal husbandry pertaining to germ free animals, ordering and preparing specialized cages, food, and equipment, developing and writing standard operating procedures, and certifying the germ free status of all animals housed in the facility.
  2. Work with faculty to develop germ-free strains of mice and experiment protocols based on specific investigator requests. This may involve purchasing germ free strains from vendors and rederrivation of germ-free animals on site.
  3. Collaborate on the development of program materials including educational materials for investigators and their research teams, marketing materials, websites, forms, and reports for the Program Director and BRC Director.
  4. Work with program leaders to develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive databases and files related to use of the program, costs and cost recovery.
  5. Maintain program timeline including tracking deadlines for program components including the establishment of germ-free mouse lines, structured and timely use of germ-free experimental and breeding cages.
  6. Monitor program budget.
  7. Organize internal and external meetings regarding use of the germ-free facility, coordinate site visits with the BRC Director.
  8. Conduct or coordinate training for Principal Investigators and their research teams.
  9. Collect, analyze, and disseminate program data.
  10. Report program data and progress to program stakeholders including the Program Director, BRC Director, and end users.
  11. Participate on appropriate committees and conferences relevant to the advancement of the program. Organize and maintain a standard mouse colony which includes setting up breeding pairs and timed matings. Daily monitoring of the colony. Screen and maintain complicated genetic and allelic variants that relate to human disease. Strick adherence to guidelines, overseeing compliance regulations and meticulous record-keeping.
  12. Performs in vivo experiments, including the purification and adoptive transfer of lymphocytes into newborn and adult mice. Performs mouse dissections and prepares tissues for histological analysis. Determines the immunologic status of transfer recipients using analytical, multi-colored flow cytometry.  Expertise with flow cytometry software including FloJo, and Diva software packages.
  13. Produce, purify and conjugate monoclonal antibodies.  Follows established procedures and quality control measures to insure productive outcomes.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned.

Preferred Schedule:

  • Full time role with expectations for coverage during core business hours with expectations for flexibility to meet changing business needs

Knowledge – Skills – Abilities

  • Knowledge of animal husbandry related to immunocompromised and germ-free animals (mice).Knowledge of specific equipment and special techniques necessary to preserve the sterility within the facility. General knowledge of genetic screening related to genetically modified animals. Facility with PCR and FACS related to mouse typing
  • Knowledge of computers, clerical procedures, customer service standards, collaboration, and information management. Organization, time management, interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills.


  • Minimum Required Education: Bachelor's degree
  • Minimum Required Experience: 3 years