Research Technician III

Job Details
Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Keyword Names: Academic/Research, Cancer/Oncology, Technician/Technical
Salary: $23,868.00 - $37,752.00
Line 1: University of Pittsburgh
City: Pittsburgh
Country: United States

Job Description

Research Technician III

UPCI Research Lab-Singh, University of Pittsburgh, USA

This is a Research Technician III position in the laboratory of Dr. Shivendra Singh, located at the Hillman Cancer Center, Shadyside and is part of the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. Successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • research using cancer cell lines and mouse models of cancer
  • data collection and result interpretation, mouse husbandry
  • injection of cancer cells into mice
  • treatment of mice and rats, tissue and blood collection
  • culture of cancer cells, determination of cell viability, apoptosis and cell cycle distribution
  • genetic manipulation of cancer cells in tissue culture
  • treatment of cells, and various cellular and molecular biological techniques, flow cytometry
  • purification and analyses of DNA by agarose gel electrophoresis
  • purification and analyses of proteins by immunoblotting
  • 2-3 years research experience in laboratory experiments