Research Technician

Job Details
Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital
Keyword Names: Clinical/Diagnostic, Technician/Technical
Line 1: Massachusetts General Hospital
City: Charlestown
Country: United States

Job Description

Research Technician - (3083285)

Immune Monitoring Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Charlestown, USA



The MGH Immune Monitoring Laboratory is looking for a highly motivated individual to support the development of this service-orientated, clinically focused research laboratory located in the Charlestown Navy Yard. 

The mission of the laboratory is to provide comprehensive immune monitoring that is high quality, innovative and enables translational research of immune-based therapies. This position is ideal for an exceptionally driven candidate interested in gaining experience in developing, validating and deploying a range of immune assays in a clinical research setting with clearly defined translational applications. You will work as part of a team, liaising with clinicians, scientists and clinical trial sponsors. This is a unique opportunity for scientific growth and interaction in a highly collaborative and dynamic environment.   This is a full-time position.   Primary responsibilities include:

  • Receiving patient samples and the processing and storage of blood, bone marrow and CSF from trial patients
  • Performing routine cell culture, multi-color flow cytometry assays, and quantification of serum/plasma cytokines (Luminex and ELISA)
  • DNA/RNA extraction, ddPCR to monitor CAR T expansion, and singe cell RNA seq
  • Maintaining and calibrating instruments including cell counters, flow cytometers, and Luminex
  • Performing data analysis, maintenance of sample databases, ordering reagents
  • Contributing to SOPs, validation documents and publications as appropriate
  • Ordering of reagents and performing stock checks to ensure smooth running of the laboratory


  • Ability to work independently and as a team member 
  • Attention to detail
  • Willingness to work to GCLP standards
  • Good communication skills 
  • Computer literacy 
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks independently 
  • Awareness of skill set limitations and willingness to seek assistance


  • Bachelor’s degree in immunology/molecular/cell biology or related field required
  • Laboratory coursework required
  • Independent research project preferred. 


New graduates with some lab experience (via course work, internships, etc.) or those without any prior research experience will be considered for the Research Technician I position outlined above. 

Those with a minimum of 1 year of directly related work experience will be considered for a Research Technician II position.