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Cytometry Technologist II

Job Details
Institution: Baylor College of Medicine
Keyword Names: Core/Shared Resource Laboratory, Technologist
Salary: $46,176 - $55,825
Line 1: Baylor College of Medicine
City: Texas
Country: United States
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Job Description

Cytometry Technologist II

Core Flow Cytometry Facility, Baylor College of Medicine. Texas, USA


The candidate that fills this position will be assisting in the daily operations of one of the biggest and best flow cytometry cores in the Texas Medical Center. This includes but is not limited to performing quality control and set up of flow cytometers and operating the flow analyzers and sorters for BCM’s staff and students as requested including data acquisition, analysis, and sorting. Training, troubleshooting and consultation for experimental design are also key components of the skill set needed in the core. There is also opportunity to stay up to date in the field by attending courses and conferences.

Job Duties

  • Assists in daily operation of facility including monitoring equipment usage, reagent supply, and recording billing time.
  • Assists in inventory of all reagents and supplies used in the flow cytometry laboratory.
  • Performs basic troubleshooting of instrumentation.
  • Practices quality control procedures in order to ensure safety when working with possibly biohazardous samples.
  • Utilizes a Flow Cytometer for optimum data acquisition, analysis, manipulation, validation, and quality control purposes.
  • Processes, analyzes and sorts specimen samples from bone marrow, blood, and various other tissues.
  • Analyzes and prepares preliminary data.
  • Provides instruction and guidance to researchers and core trained users, including scheduling, analysis and sorting of samples, and basic equipment questions and problems.
  • Acquires and constantly maintains current knowledge of scientific research.
  • Handles special projects/roles in the core.
  • Familiar with basic lab safety procedures.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a Basic Science or a related field.
  • Three years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree in a related field.
  • Must be good at working in a team and alone.
  • Must have good customer service skills.
  • Flow cytometry and/or imaging.
  • Panel Design.
  • Immunology/Immunophenotyping.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Sample Prep.
  • Independently operation of instrumentation