Medical Laboratory Scientist

Job Details
Institution: Duke University
Keyword Names: Academic/Research, Clinical Scientist
Line 1: Duke University
City: Durham
Country: United States

Job Description

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Duke University, Durham, USA

Occupational Summary:

Perform a variety of routine and complex technical tasks in the performance of laboratory tests and procedures to obtain data for use in the treatment of disease.

Job duties include, but are not limited, to quality control, clerical tasks (EMMES data entry, patient lab file reviews, completion of CIMBTR forms, etc). ABO Typing, viability testing, sterility testing, thawing of cellular products (37°C, Dextran Albumin Thaws), and cryopreservation of autologous and allogeneic cellular products to include, but not limited to: HPC, Cord Blood, HPC, Apheresis, HPC, Marrow, MNC, Apheresis, etc.
Receipt and/or distribution of incoming or outgoing NMDP cellular products.


  • BS degree in Medical Technology, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Biological Science or related field is required.
  • National generalist certification required for general labs.
  • Generalist/Specialty certification required for specialty labs.
  • ASCP, NCA, or other nationally recognized accrediting agency equivalent is required.
  • Registry-eligible employees, who are considered for the position, must pass certification exam within eighteen months from the time of hire
  • Job-relevant continuing education hours (10 CEUs/year) are required


  • On the job training following training in Clinical Laboratory Science program
  • Any relevant laboratory work experience in school or previous positions
  • Blood Bank experience helpful/preferred
  • Flow Cytometry experience helpful/preferred
  • Two or more years of experience in the field of transplant medicine, preferred
  • Experience using sterile technique
  • Knowledgeable regarding GTP / GMP / GCP Regulatory requirements

Duties Performed: (Technical Duties)

  1. QC on Sysmex Hematology Analyzer (or equivalent)
  2. 37°C thawing of cellular products (in STCL and on inpatient units)
  3. Viability testing using trypan blue (or automated method)
  4. ABO/Rh confirmatory testing of cellular products
  5. Sterility testing of cellular products pre- and/or post-processing
  6. Dextran Albumin thawing of cellular products in the STCL
  7. Cryopreservation of cellular products (HPC, Apheresis, HPC, Marrow, HPC, Cord Blood, MNC, Apheresis, etc)
  8. CD34+ / CD45RA+ / CD56+ selection/depletion procedures
  9. Processing outgoing NMDP cellular products including CIBMTR data entry
  10. Processing incoming NMDP cellular products for infusion
  11. Processing of fresh, allogeneic products for infusion
  12. Disposal and documentation of cellular products approved for discard
  13. Working with liquid nitrogen freezers
  14. Participation in clinical trials, studies, protocols, as deemed appropriate
  15. all other job-related duties deemed necessary in the laboratory

Duties Performed: (Clerical or Administrative Duties)

  1. STCL EMMES database data entry requirements
  2. EPIC (clinical medical record used on-site)
  3. File Reviews required for laboratory batch records
  4. Completion of quality control worksheets daily, weekly, monthly, etc
  5. Filing of laboratory results in designated/secured file cabinets
  6. Processing and testing of outgoing NMDP products including completion of CIBMTR data forms to meet deadlines
  7. Processing and testing of incoming NMDP products for infusion
  8. Processing and testing of allogeneic fresh products for infusion